Where is the 2020 Summer Olympics: Dates, Host, Mascot, tickets info?

The Olympics 2020 will be held in Tokyo, Japan. The 2020 Olympics has been taken a notch higher, making it more interesting than all other Olympic games ever since it will include eighteen new and diverse events which will include baseball and soft ball, Karate, sport climbing, skateboarding as well as surfing. This means that there will be 484 new athletes. The popularity of a sport is dependent on the number of participants.

Games of Olympiad also commonly referred to as Summer Olympic Games are international games which were first held in 1896 and have been held once after every four years. Initially, it involved only five games which consisted of Athletics, cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, and swimming. For each of these sports, an international governing body international federation such as international swimming federation which outlines the rules, hierarchy of sports, disciplines, scores as well as provides Qualified referees to monitor the sports.

These games are planned, prepared for and monitored by (IOC) international Olympics committee. Gold medals are awarded for people in first positions, Silver medals for first runners up and Bronze for second runners up.

The Dates of the 2020 Olympic are tentatively outlined to start from 24th July to 9th August in the new National Stadium. The Japanese organizing committee launched in January 2014 constitutes of Japanese Olympics Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and mainly the Japanese Government.

2020 olympics mascot

2020 Olympics Mascot

A mascot is a fictional character a native human figure or an animal, although, in most cases, an animal has been used.Mascots are very useful in marketing the Olympics to the younger audience such as Teenage and children. A symbol of the Olympic Games. The first Olympic mascot appeared in the 1972 Munich summer Olympics. The 2020 Olympics Mascots is named Miratowa and Someity for the Paralympics. Moratuwa is made from a combination of the Japanese word for future and Eternity It is a figure with blue chequered patterns from the official emblem which is superhero character which embraces old traditions with modern innovations. It was designed by Ryo TaniGUchi from the quite a number of designs that had been offered by school children and illustrators.Someity the Paralympic mascot was coined from somei-Yoshino, which is common cherry blossom variety.

2020 Olympics Tickets

Have you been wondering why to buy the 2020 Tokyo Olympics tickets? Well, here where and how to go about it; a ticketing website(Tokyo 2020 official Ticket Website) has been launched and has had 6.3 million visitors since its launch. There are two steps first is to register for a Tokyo 2020 ID issued only once though will be used several times in any activity concerning the2020 Tokyo Olympics which is a requirement for buying a ticket, getting ticket schedules and information as well as ticket terms and conditions.

Once you acquire the ID you can go ahead and log into the website to get all the information that is relevant as far as the Tokyo 2020 is concerned and to buy the tickets. Tickets are also available in all countries Tokyo 2020 Tickets Designated Authorized Ticket Resellers.

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