FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Live Stream , TV Channel & Coverage info

For the first time, the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 is not happening at the same year with the FIFA World Cup. The thing is that the event is moved from 2018 to 2019. The upcoming 18th edition of the long-awaited FIBA World Cup will happen in China this year. The festival will take place at eight different venues. And if you are an avid basketball fan, you will want to find a way to watch Basketball World Cup live stream from anywhere you want. Well, you are not alone. It is self-assuring as well that you have come to the right place. So, stay tuned and read our post until finish.

FIBA Basketball World Cup Live Stream
Host CountriesChina
Start Date31 August 2019
End Date15 September 2019
Teams Participate32 (from 4 sub-confederations)
Live StreamWatch Here
Defending ChampionsUnited States

Basketball World Cup 2019 dates & Location

The host country of the Basketball World Cup 2019 is in China, dating from 31 August to 15 September 2019. The matches will take place across eight different places in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Dongguan, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Shenczhen. Viewers can easily see the full guide of the locations through the official site of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 TV Coverage

The TV coverage will be different from one country to another. FIBA basketball is the site that you’d like to visit to see the complete list of the broadcasters of the event of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

How to get a Basketball World Cup 2019 live stream Online

For those who are active, mobile, or simply want to watch Basketball World Cup 2019 outside their house, you can live stream the event instead. Here is how you are doing it in your country.

How to watch the Basketball World Cup 2019 in the US

The US viewers could use the popular live streaming service namely ESPN+. ESPN holds the main right as the 2019 year edition of the prestigious tournament. The channel will broadcast all of the matches live online through its official live streaming service called the ESPN+.

The good thing here is that you don’t need to pay an expensive cable or satellite package to enjoy the live streaming service. It only cost you $4.99 per month. With this little bit of fee, you grant the access to watch the spectacular moments on your favorite devices. The service is available in various devices such as Laptop, Desktop, mobile app, as well as TV connected devices.

You can use the service without any commitment. That means you could just subscribe for one month specifically for watching the Basketball World Cup, and then you will have the privilege to cancel your subscription anytime you want.

However, ESPN+ is only available in the US. If you are outside the country, you will want to use the VPN service to unblock the restriction.

How to watch the FIBA World cup live: UK stream

It is straightforward and easy to get the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 live coverage in the UK. The mainstream channels and live streaming services do not offer the live streaming option in the respective country. But the good thing is that you can use the specific streaming service to watch the Basketball World Cup in the UK.

Consider to check on This live streaming service holds the rights to broadcast all of the 92 games of the competition from the beginning to the end. It also offers the FIBA World Cup Pass to provide you the access of each match of this prestigious event.

The FIBA World Cup Pass which you can attain from costs only 6.99 Euros. However, as the name suggests, the pass will only give you the live streaming service for the tournament time. If your focus is only on the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup tournament 2019, then this FIBA World Cup Pass is the right choice for you.

Live stream Basketball World cup action in Canada

There had been speculation about the one which provide the broadcasts of the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in Canada. Folks were guessing that TSN will be helming the broadcasting. On the contrary, it is not happening. Instead, DAZN will do the honor. DAZN has won the live broadcasting rights of the Basketball World Cup. In Canada, you can’t go wrong by tuning into the DAZN to watch your favorite team in action. It comes with a one-month free trial which you can use to watch this event for completely free. Or, you could upgrade your account by paying $20 per month. The free trial is only eligible for new users. So, you might want to register with new account when you want to use the free trial to get the service for free.

DAZN is preferable not only because it has the exclusive rights. It is also available in many devices including iOS and Android devices, as well as TV connected devices.

If you have never used DAZN before, you will be lucky to get one month free trial of the live streaming service provider.

How to get a Basketball World Cup live stream in Australia

Folks in Australia can tune into the Fox Sports Australia to watch the basketball action through their favorite screen. It is the fantastic official way to follow the entire event. The FOX Sports is a paid service. However, you can get it for free for two weeks as new user. You can conduct the trial before deciding to upgrade your account. Whether you are in the middle of the decision or not planning to spend a single dime to watch Basketball World Cup, you could make use of this two week free trial.

Besides the Fox Sports, you can also watch the actions of 2019 FIBA World Cup through Kayo Sports Streaming service. Kayo Sports is one of the best live streaming services which has such popularity amongst the sports lovers. Using this won’t make you bond in contracts. It offers dozens of sports content live and on-demand. The price is also sensible. It only costs $25 per month which allows you to stream at two devices at the same time. Whether you are using the FOXTEL or Kayo Sports live streaming service, make sure you check on your device availability first before proceeding.

How to Stream Basketball World Cup 2019 live From Anywhere?

Alright you might have picked your option but you realize that the silly geo-restriction rules is the cause of the blackout. It is a problem often happening when the cord cutters pick their option. But no worries. You can solve this with the VPN service. With it, you can connect to the specific server and unblock restrictions.

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How to Watch FIBA World Cup 2019 Live Online Without cable

You can watch FIBA World Cup 2019 live online without cable. So, you can say goodbye to expensive cable or satellite subscriptions. Here are the service you’d like to stick with.


ESPN+ is a direct-to-consumer sports streaming service you’d like to tune in. You can watch the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals in this option. The contents are going to spread over ESPN, ESPN2, as well as ESPNews. is the option to watch all 92 games of the World Cup 2019. You will need to reserve the Global Pass to grant you access to watch the event live and on-demand. However, the content may apply to geo-restrictions. Consider using VPN service when you do experience this.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a great choice for the cord cutters. It is one of the best providers you’d like to stick with. It only costs $44.99 per month and provides you with abundant features and perks. It also comes with a 7-day free trial in case you’d like to assess the service before proceeding.


The DAZN only costs $20 per month with a one-month free trial. It is available in multiple devices and also a great option to watch the event for free.

Sling TV

It is not a new thing on the net. You can get both Sling Blue + Orange for only $40 and you have gotten all of you need.

PlayStation Vue

With its “Access” package that costs around fifty bucks per month, you will get the most of all matches of Basketball World Cup through your favorite screen.

DirecTV Now

It is important to know that DirecTV Now has been changed to AT&T TV NOW. You will need to get plus package to get ESPN, the channel that broadcasts the upcoming event.

FIBA’s YouTube channel

You can see amazing video contents of FIBA revolving around the highlight, news, updates, scores, etc. But to watch the live matches entirely, FIBA’s YouTube channel is not your option.

How to live stream FIBA World Cup on Mobile, iPhone, Tablets

The Live streaming services we mentioned above are compatible with mobile, iPhone, as well as tablets.

Basketball World Cup 2019 Free Live Streaming Options

Amongst those many services we have mentioned. We give thumbs up to DAZN since it gives one-month free trial. It is the longest amongst the options.

Final Worlds

Consider to explore all of the options before making your choice. Have a good luck in watching Basketball World Cup 2019!

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