How Many Teams are in the CFL?

The CFL consists of nine teams in total. The Canadian football league (CFL) is composed of nine teams, making it a competitive and exciting professional football league in Canada.

With teams located in various cities across the country, the CFL offers fans a thrilling experience, showcasing the talent and skills of players from different regions. Each team brings its unique style, strategies, and fanbase to the league, creating a vibrant and diverse football culture.

From the Calgary Stampeders to the Toronto argonauts, each team battles it out on the field, striving for victory and the ultimate goal of winning the prestigious grey cup. As the CFL continues to evolve and grow, the passion and enthusiasm for this Canadian football league remain unwavering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Teams Are In The CFL?

The Canadian football league (CFL) currently consists of 9 teams, each representing different cities across the country. These teams include the Hamilton Tiger-cats, Calgary Stampeders, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and more.

What Are The CFL Teams Located In Canada?

The CFL teams are based in various Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Which City Has The Most CFL Teams?

Among Canadian cities, Winnipeg and Toronto have the most CFL teams. Winnipeg is home to the Winnipeg blue bombers, while Toronto is represented by the Toronto Argonauts.

Are There Any CFL Teams In The Maritimes?

Currently, there are no CFL teams located in the Maritimes, which include provinces like nova scotia, new brunswick, and prince edward island. However, there have been discussions about possibly expanding to the region in the future.

How Many CFL Teams Are In Western Canada?

In western Canada, there are three CFL teams: the b. c. Lions (based in Vancouver), Edmonton elks (formerly the Eskimos), and Calgary Stampeders. These teams represent provinces like british columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


To summarize, the Canadian football league (CFL) consists of nine teams, providing fans with plenty of action-packed games throughout the season. From east to west, the league is divided into two divisions, the East division and the West division. Each division is further divided into four teams, adding a sense of balance and competitiveness to the league.

While the CFL may not have the same global recognition as other football leagues, it continues to attract a dedicated fan base and deliver thrilling matches. With a rich history and a commitment to showcasing talent and promoting the sport, the CFL remains an integral part of Canada’s sporting landscape.

So whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting to explore the world of Canadian football, the CFL offers an exciting and vibrant football experience.

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