2020 Kentucky Derby: Date, Start time, TV channel, Live stream info

Hello, equestrian sports lovers! The 2020 Kentucky Derby is now a done deal. Because of the pandemic, many of you were probably worried that the horse race event might be postponed to another time perhaps next year or so. Fortunately, that’s not going to happen as the race is already confirmed to take place at the Churchill Downs racetrack, which is located at 700 Central Ave, Louisville, KY 40208, United States, just a minute away and southwest of the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Kentucky Derby race date, time, tv

Here is further information you need to know about the Derby:

The 2020 Kentucky Derby Date

The 2020 Kentucky Derby will be going down on Saturday, 5 September 2020. And by the way, the subsequent Monday, which is on 7 September will be a national holiday, Labour Day to be precise. To that effect, I hope your employer is going to allow you to be off work from the preceding Friday evening until Tuesday so you can have fun.

Do not forget that this race is going to be attended by a greater crowd than it has been done in the previous years, thanks to the upcoming national holiday. Because of that, I can only imagine how electrifying with tens of thousands of spectators it’s going to be. Better secure a vantage point so you can catch the action live and more clearly without any form of obstruction by purchasing a ticket early.

What time is the Kentucky Derby 2020 race?

Do you care to know when the races shall start and end on that day so you can organize and schedule yourself accordingly? Fair enough, the Derby is set to take place between 2.30 pm and 7.25 pm Eastern Daylight Time(ET). Besides, there will be several races with each race lasting approximately 2 mins.

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Watching the 2020 Kentucky Derby on TV

Don’t worry if you won’t make it there due to one reason or another as you will be able to alternatively watch the races in real-time on your TV. Be sure to tune in to NBCSports to enjoy watching the much anticipated 2020 Kentucky Derby from home.

How to Streaming the 2020 Kentucky Derby Live Online

Apart from your television, the internet will also allow you to stream this one of its kind horserace from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. It will not matter even if you are traveling probably somewhere to spend your holiday away from home. Just go to NBCSports.com and follow the on-screen instructions to stream the race. You can also download the NBC Sports app on which to stream.

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Some Possible Racehorses You Might See

There are six legendary horses you are likely to see at the Derby. These celebrity horses are namely; Tiz the Law who was the current winner of the previous Belmont race, as well as DR Post and Max Player who were the second and third runners up, respectively. The rest are Honor A.P. the winner of last year’s Santa Anita Derby followed by Authentic who was second and King Guillermo who was second place in the Arkansas Derby.

Other Activities You Can Do

Apart from watching the races, there are many other exciting activities you will be able to do at the Churchill Downs racetrack. These activities include enjoying a Mint Julep whiskey (made from crushed ice, bourbon, fresh mint, and sugar), hanging out with celebrities at the Red Carpet section of the venue, and enjoying a massive party at a very nice designated area.

Final Thoughts

2020 Kentucky Derby is set to go down on 5 September 2020 at the Churchill Downs racetrack, which is located just a few meters away from Kentucky Museum in Louisville, KY. This highly anticipated horserace event that is inevitably going to be electrifying is scheduled to take place between 2.30 pm and 7.25 pm Eastern Daylight Time(ET). It will also be aired on NBCSport in real-time. Apart from that, viewers will also be able to stream it live on nbcsport.com or with the NBCSports app.

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