How to Watch NFL Live Stream on CBS Sports Online

If you are a real fan of NFL, you will not want to miss to watch the important 50th season of the sport. The good thing here is that you can stream every game in your market locally with the help of CBS Sports.

NFL Live on CBS Sports

So, how to watch it? Those who have subscribed to the services which include the CBS will make it easier. All you need to do is to sign in to your CBS All Access account on your PC, Smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, or connected TV devices. Then that’s it. The next thing you will do is just checking your local listings to see if your favorite team matches are playing in your area. The subscribers can access the CBS Sports HQ.

It gives you access to 24/7 stream of the news, highlights, updates, previews, analysis, and so on. If you are not a subscriber, you could also use its free trial which allows you to use the service with certain limitations.

How if you are not subscribing to any TV or cable service?

There are still ways to work around this. The thing with CBS All Access is that you need to spend a lot of money to subscribe to the TV or cable service. But you don’t have to do it anymore with the help of the live streaming services.

You can watch CBS Sports live without cable with the help of the skinny bundles offered by the trustworthy live streaming services. Here are the live streaming services which you can consider.


FuboTV has been around on the internet for a while. It is a unique streaming service which focuses on the quality video. The FuboTV is not run by the giant corporations or companies. Rather, it was a startup. Despite the scale, it has been the prominent choice for the NFL lovers because it has been delivering such fantastic service. The core subscription costs you $55 per month and it already includes the CBS Sports Network along with the 90+ channels. It comes with cloud DVR service which you can use if you miss some matches.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is one of the best streaming services to provide the NFL coverages. It has been the competitive choices for years because of its ample quality in delivering the live streaming service. Hulu with Live TV costs you $45 per month and it already includes the CBS Sports channel for you to watch your favorite NFL team on screen.

There are around 60 channels in the package alongside with the CBS Sports channel. It is also compatible with various devices. Whether you are on the go or at home or office, you can use this service to watch your favorite NFL games.

Stream CBS All Access

If you are not fond of the live streaming services above, and want to focus only on CBS Sports channel, then you could opt to CBS All Access instead. The CBS Sports Is available through these apps: CBS and CBS News. So, you will most likely be able to watch the NFL games on CBS.

CBS All Access costs $6 per month. But keep in mind that the $6 option comes with ads. Although there is a catch, many users are still choosing this option because of the friendly price. If you can’t sit with the ads, you could consider option the $10/month package. Moreover, the upgraded service also gives you the on-demand option.

CBS All Access is available in many types of devices. You may want to take a look at its official website to make sure that your device is compatible with the service too.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is a great service from Sony. Despite its name, the service is for public. So if you don’t have PS console, don’t worry. You are able to subscribe to this service as well. It costs $50 per month for the package that includes CBS Sports. With this service, you can also use one service account in three multiple devices at the same time. That means it will have different persons covered. You don’t need to tune into other channels when your mom doesn’t like to watch NFL. Everyone wins.

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