6 Ways to Watch NFL Live Stream Free Online

Are you expecting every NFL games this season? If you are like other avid fans of football, you will surely catch up with the event without any hassle. For the cable subscribers, they have the chance to watch all of the games right from their respective package. But for the cord cutters, live streaming options are available for them. The catch here is that both options are paid. You might be wondering about using free live streaming options instead. Well, here is where we can help. We are going to share six ways to watch NFL live stream free online 2019. So, stay tuned and explore the options below.

nfl live stream free

How to Watch NFL Live Stream Free Online?

This year is almost the same as the previous year. There are multiple channels which share the rights to broadcast the NFL games in the 2019 season. They are FOX, CBS, NBC as well as ESPN. They all will be sharing the rights in the US.

The viewers can tune into the CBS and FOX for the Sunday Night Football. Meanwhile, the Monday night football will be handled by the ESPN. ESPN will also showcase the Pro Bowl. The Super Bowl in the US will be handled by the CBS. For the Sunday afternoon games, the CBS and FOX will have it.

Sky Sports handles the major coverage in the UK. Meanwhile, BBC will handle the highlights, Super Bowl, as well as the London Games.

For those who want to watch the NFL live stream for free, there’s good news. If you have been subscribing to a provider which includes the respective channels we mentioned above, then all you need to do is to open their live streaming sites and pick the games you want to watch.

The official live streaming providers coming from the official channels can be a great option to follow your favorite teams in your screen. Take a look at the NFL page to find out the schedule of your favorite team matches along with its respective channel.

Stream NFL Games Live Free Online Via Free Trial Option

The free options are everywhere. The key here is that you know where to look and which service that you pick based on your preferences and wishes. The OTA antennas are free options.

Not all live streaming services can grant you their free access. So, you will only want to focus on these live streaming providers to watch NFL games live free online through their trial option. The live streaming providers which you can consider to use are fuboTV (free 7-day trial), Hulu with Live TV , Sling TV, NFL Game Pass, Amazon Prime, Yahoo Sports Mobile App, Twitch, and many others.

If you can use the free trial option to watch NFL games for free, why not?

NFL Live Stream Free no sign up (Streaming Website)

NFL live stream is also doable without having to sign up to live streaming sites. There are many live streaming sites which offer the viewers with free live streaming option without registration or any other string attached. However, not all of them are safe and legit. You will want to make sure that you pick the right live streaming provider.

One of the best examples is NFLStream. It is a live streaming site dedicated to broadcast all of the games happening in the NFL season 2019-2020. All you need to do is to hover your mouse and keyboard to visit the site, and pick the channel you want to watch. This website is already responsive so that you can watch your favorite sport events directly through your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

NFL Live Stream Free Online Reddit & Social Media

You can also watch the NFL games for free on popular social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and others. But here is the thing.

Reddit is a freedom community in which all the users can share anything they want. If you get lucky, you will see a lot of free live streaming links you can visit. The catch is that not all links are real. Some of them are fakes which lure you to harmful sites with malware or spyware. Consider to focus only on the subreddits which have positive reviews from fellow users.

Live streaming NFL Free on Apps

The coverage of the NFL has been spreading across the country. You can’t go wrong to tune into one of these channels regarding the schedules you are monitoring: CBS, NBC, Fox, as well as ESPN. As long as your streaming providers offer these channels in their package, you can live stream the NFL free on their apps. Normally, you will use your TV credentials to log into the live streaming apps. You can easily find those apps in the Play Store or the App Store.

Using Forums you can watch NFL Games free

There are many NFL forums (Officials and unofficials) around the world. In these forums, some people are willing to share their live streaming sources so that everyone can have the same chance to enjoy the NFL games for free, without paying a single dime. It is, however, taking time and effort to find the right forums that you can stick with. There are many external sites links shared by fellow users. But not all of them are safe to visit. Consider only focus on the forum threads which already have tons of positive feedback. They are more likely trustworthy other than alternatives.

Watch NFL Free Via HD Antenna Streaming Services

It is possible to catch the signal of over-the-air channels. There is no subscription needed to enjoy the local channels. Local channels that might cover major NFL local games are ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC, and many more. Normally, you can get these channels if you have the HD antenna and your location is able to catch the signal from the tower. If not, then, you might want to try live streaming service like Sling TV and use the 7-day free trial instead.

Final Worlds

Read our tips above, you will realize that live streaming the NFL games from your place is not difficult at all. All you need to do is to pick one which is suitable for you and matching your preferences. And VOILA. You are good to go.

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