How to Stream NFL Live on NBC Sports Online

NBC Sports is a great channel for NFL viewers. In some local markets, folks can tune into the channel to watch their favorite teams on screen. If you are planning to watch NBC Sports live online without cable or TV subscription.

NFL Live on NBC Sports

The thing is that not all the NFL fans are fond of the cable or TV subscription. Many of them have even cut the cords. How if you do that too? Don’t worry, be happy. We are going to share with you the best way to stream NFL Live on NBC Sports online, without depending on the expensive TV subscription.

Read the details here so that you will be able to watch it through your favorite screens. Here are the available options which you could consider to take.


NBC Sports is available in the skinny bundle of FuboTV. FuboTV is focusing on the soccer streaming. However, it also adds the channel you can tune in to watch the NFL season. It is good to know that you can use your favorite device and watch the fantastic shows by yourself. Consider taking a look at the available devices on its official site and see if your device is included in the compatible ones. It costs $54.99 per month for the “Fubo” plan which already includes the NBC Sports for you. It also comes with a cloud-based DVR service which you can use in case you are missing the NFL games.

Sling TV

Sling TV is often top choice for some viewers because of its affordability. It is one of the best ways to stream the NBC Sports without cable through your favorite device. Not to mention that it is the cheapest method compared to other skinny bundles from other live streaming services.

To attain the NBC Sports, you could pick the specific Sling Blue cable package which costs you $25 per month. It already include the NBC Sports as well as other top sports channels. Don’t mistake it with Sling Orange because it does not include the NBC Sports.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV offers the customers with top Channels of cable networks, including NBC Sports. The package costs $44.99 per month. Don’t worry though; you don’t need to compare some packages because it comes with only a single package which has included the NBC Sports. So, you can’t go wrong with it. You can stream on two devices at the same time. It comes with 50 hours of storage.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is not a new thing for YouTube video hosting service users. It comes with adequate quality of live streaming along with considerable price. The package costs $49.99 per month that includes the NBC Sports. The package comes with 70+ channels. It is pretty a great deal if you are also interested to see the other channels. You can use the service on three devices at the same time. It also comes with the DVR cloud service.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is the answer to a lot of spot fans. It has a lot of things to be amazed.

It has a reasonable price to start with. The package it offers already include the NBC Sports. It can be one of the best ways to watch the NBC Sports without cable. The subscription of PS Vue costs $44.99 per month. You could upgrade it to the next package if you are fond of much better service. PS Vue allows you to stream to three devices at the same time with the extra 2 streams in your home. You will get the NBC Sports as well as other sports channels. In case you are fond of other sports as well, PS Vue can be a great package for you. PS Vue offers the services to various devices. You can watch the event through your laptop, PC, Smartphone, tablet, iOS, and Android Devices. It also has a good DVR quality.

DirecTV Now

Your DirecTV Now subscription will get you the NBC Sports and other premium sports channels so that you can have your favorite games on your screen. It is available in many devices as well. You could stream on two devices at the same time. If it is not enough for you, you could add $5 per month for every additional user.

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