How to Watch New England Patriots Game Live Stream Online

For all the New England Patriots fans out there, you must be fond of following the teams wherever you go. The thing is that you don’t always have the time to get home and watch it conveniently from your living room. Or, perhaps, you have cut the cords. No matter what your reason is, you can still follow your New England Patriots games with the methods that we’d like to share below.

patriots game live stream

NFL New England Patriots Games Preview Season (2019)

There are some reasons why experts suggested the decline of the New England Patriots. For those who have been following the team from last season, it might be simple to understand for you.

The reason is because of the roster issues. Tom Brady is at an age that there is no promising quarterback to turn the table. The receiver chart is thin. Meanwhile, Rob Gronkowski is retired. From last years, New England has lost their key free agents.

Many experts are also pessimistic about Patriots achievements this year. However, they are doing great actually. The team has been staying in the league for a long time. They have won 15 of the last 16 AFC East titles. So, although their performance was declining, they still have great players. They are still much better than other worse teams. Just keep rooting them and you won’t regret it.

How to Watch the Patriots Game Live Online

Watching Patriots Game live online will require your TV or satellite credentials. Some channels have the apps in which you can download and install on your device. Or, you can simply go to their official sites to watch the Patriots Game live there.

The other way is by using your over-the-air antenna. If you are living in New England, you will be able to watch the match every time your favorite team plays. But if you are outside New England, you could be subject to blackouts. So, how to work around this? We’ll explain the method below.

Watch New England Patriots Game live on Cable

If you already have cable or satellite subscription, you can just proceed and tune into the channels that broadcast New England Patriots games. CBS, for instance, is accessible through your location. But you’d like to see the schedule and check if your favorite team match is covered or not.

Watch England Patriots Live Stream without Cable

Live streaming services are affordable, easy, and straightforward. The packages of live streaming service you choose also come with no contract. Therefore, you don’t need to spend enormous amount of money just like you did with the cable subscription.

Here are the live streaming services you can check to watch Patriots on your favorite screen.


FuboTV is much popular live streaming service in the world of sport. In its package, it has over 30 sports-centric channels. That includes the channels that conduct the coverage for the NFL games. FuboTV has been popular because of its great service present numerous successful international sports channels. The base tier of the fubo costs $45 per month and already includes the core channels to watch the New England Patriots games from your favorite screen. Adding another $5 bucks and you will attain 100+ channels boost. Pretty a good deal, isn’t it?

But if you only want to focus on the New England Patriots, you can’t go wrong with the lower tier. It offers NBC, CBS, as well as FOX to enable you watching the New England Patriots.

It comes with free DVR which enables to look back to the 72 hours before. That means you can easily watch the game you are missing, the day before yesterday as well. FuboTV is available in many devices. It shouldn’t be hard to use it in your device. It comes with a free 7-day trial. You could use this opportunity in case you want to assess the quality first.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV has become a top choice for the cord cutters because of its ample quality and features.

Hulu with Live TV only comes in one package. It costs $40 per month which comes with the good package of 60-70 channels depending on your location. It is easy to spot the New England Patriots games right at your device with the help of this service. You will be able to watch all the games except ones which broadcast by NFL Network. But with the games on FOX, you won’t be missing a single game.

With this service, you can stream on 2 devices at the same time. The Unlimited screens package will give you unlimited streams inside your Wi-Fi Network, and up to 3 streams outside. You need to add $15 per month for this feature.

Cloud DVR comes as free in your package. It is a win-win solution.

YouTube TV

If you are fond of YouTube video hosting service, then you can be familiar with YouTube TV easily. Although it has been running since two years ago, not a long time, it has been gaining a lot of positive feedback because of its prominent quality in live streaming service. You can also watch New England Patriots easily through this service.

The package costs you $40 per month which comes with 70+ channels. It includes the Fox, NBC, CBS, as well as ESP. Fox Sports and NBC Sports are also available. You can easily watch New England Patriots games through this service. You can stream on up to three devices and login with six different Google accounts.

PlayStation Vue

It offers fantastic service with moderate price. The features are excellent and you won’t be meeting any problem when using it to watch your favorite team on screen.

It will get you FOX and CBS, as well as ESPN easily. However, NBC is available on-demand in your area through PS Vue. Regardless, it is also a great service to note.

Can I Watch Patriots Game live Online Free?

Yes, you can. We have mentioned about the live streaming options like FuboTV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, as well as Playstation Vue. Those come with free-trial program which you can use to watch Patriots games for free, without spending a single dime.

Final Words

All of the live streaming options we’ve shared above are ones that have received positive feedbacks and reviews from the customers. They are the best of the best. Pick your options now and don’t miss to watch the Patriots games!

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