Polish Candidate Appointed Krakow instead of Katowice for 2023 European Games

Great news to Polish reader, Krakow has replaced Katowice as Poland’s candidate to host the next European Games, which slated in 2023.

2023 European Games

This decision was taken as the response to the revised bidding deadline of May 31. Since the deadline approaches fast, the officials should be able to decide to send the data of their candidate. They haven’t revealed the reason behind this yet, but the insiders of the sports event could speculate that the officials in Katowice probably had few things to think about. But the most concerning factor is the cost of hosting the multisport event.

Krakow was bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. But the city was withdrawn from the bidding list because the residents in the city rejected the idea. Katowice showed up as the first contender for the 2023 European Games back in January when the POC – Polish Olympic Committee and the officials of the city conducted the meeting with European Olympic Committees – EOC.

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So, it will be interesting to see Krakow and Kazan in Russia at this stage. These cities are competing to preserve the spot to host the prestigious multisport event in the world. However, we can’t neglect the fact that there’s a chance that other candidates would submit the bid before the May 31 deadline.

The decision is due to be conducted on the eve of the year’s European games in Minsk, that will take place on June 21.

EOC has confirmed that they have received prospective bids for the event but have extended the deadline twice.

February 28 was the initial date of the deadline. Then EOC decided to extend the period to April 30, hoping some cities officials will bid for more. EOC extended the deadline again for May 31 but did not disclose the reason why they conducted it.

Krakow is the second biggest city in Poland by population. But it is not the reason why this city could replace Katowice for the next European Games. Many cited it as the European Capital of Culture in 2000. Folks also cited Krakow as the European City of Sport in 2014. For these reasons, Krakow would be the perfect candidate from Poland, more specifically to host the next European Games.

EOC has confirmed that the date of the deadline has been postponed to May 31. This gives ample time for other candidates to submit their candidacies. Anyway, Krakow is the correct decision. If the things don’t go south, it is excellent luck for Krakow residences to welcome the fantastic sports event in 4 years.

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