RWC 2019: Japan vs Russia Live stream, TV Channels info

If you are an avid fan of rugby sport, you will surely want to follow the action of RWC 2019. In the opening match of the RWC 2019, Japan will take on Russia national rugby team. Chances are you might be the Japan national team fans or vice versa.

Either way, you will want to reserve the option to watch the upcoming match between the two countries through your favorite device. And here we are.

The bout will take place on Friday, September 20, 2019. It is less than a fortnight until we are figuring out the moment of truth or the result.

IGBS is confirmed to be the main broadcasting right holder of the Rugby World Cup 2019. Together with the participating nations, it will deliver the best quality of videos for all viewers.

japan vs russia live stream
Match:Japan vs Russia
Date:20th September 2019
Stadium:Tokyo Stadium
Kickoff time:19:45 Japan Time
TV Channels:J Sports, Nippon TV | Match TV
Live Stream:Watch Here

How to Watch Japan vs Russia Live Online in Japan

For the viewers in Japan, it is prevalent to pick one of these networks: J Sports, Nippon TV, and NHK. As you can see, Japan has three networks which take care of the broadcasting.

The J Sports will handle the coverage of all 48 matches. You could pick this option. If you are looking for free option in Japan, your best chance is by using the Nippon TV. But this network does not provide all the matches. The J Sport comes as the best solution to watch the RWC 2019 in Japan.

How to Watch Russia vs Japan Live Online in Russia

The viewers in Russia could tune into the Match TV to follow all of the actions in RWC 2019. Match TV is the main broadcaster in Russia. And you can’t go wrong with it. It is assuring to realize that rugby is quite popular in Russia. Tuning in Match TV is free option.

If you cut the cord, or for any other reasons you cannot pick the cable options, Rugby Pass can be your better alternative. Rugby Pass is a paid live streaming service which provides the content for users in wider reaches of regions.

Rugby Pass itself is available in Africa, Asia, and Europe, and other parts of the world. You will have bigger chance by using this service. It only costs around fifteen bucks per month to enjoy all of relatable rugby contents, including all 48 matches of RWC 2019.

You might want to check on the official site of Rugby Pass and see if your current location is prevalent for the service. But even if you are out of the coverage area, you could bypass the restriction by using the VPN service.

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