How to Stream NFL Games Live Free Online 2020

Want to Stream NFL Games Live Free Online? Here we discuss difference ways to stream the NFL games live free online this year. We are going to explore all of the options for you. So, keep reading.

stream nfl games live free online

2020 NFL Season

DurationSeptember 10, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Live Stream FreeWatch Here Free
TV CoverageCBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN
Super Bowl (Final)February 7, 2021

How to Watch NFL Games live Online free without cable

From the available options we mention, watching with Antenna could be the best way to watch NFL games without cable. Perhaps a sales of your cable or satellite said that you wouldn’t be able to watch NFL games once you cut the cord. But their statement is not accurate.

On the contrary, you can watch the local (select markets) and national NFL games right from your Antenna, for Free! It is also the cheapest way to get the NFL games because you only need to spend money on the Antenna, DVR box, and that’s it. With a one-time small fee, you will attain any local content in HD quality.

The digital antennas prices start from $10 and go up to $200 depending on the brands and the quality of the antennas. Even with the $10 antenna, it is sufficient enough to get the local NFL games coverage. Some of the most popular antennas are Wsky, Antennas Direct, 1Byone, and so on.

Using the antennas will open you up to any games shown in the local networks. That includes the Sunday Night Football on NBC. Through the Antenna, you can also get Thursday Night Football if the games air on Fox.

Yes, you will only be able to access the selected local games and national games, but that’s more than enough for little capital on yours.

If you are familiar with the DVR service, it is available but separated from the Antenna. Consider looking for the best standalone DVR option in the market if you want to record the games. For those who haven’t known, DVR is only compatible with the HDTV antennas. If your antennas are not HDTV, it will come to waste. So, make sure to read the specifications first before proceeding.

If you have been enough with your cable or satellite, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on those.

Some options allow you to stream NFL games live free online without cable:


FuboTV is a great alternative to watch NFL Games without cable. It costs $39.99 for the first month, then goes up to $44.99 for the second and next months. It adds 75+ channels including the channels that broadcast the NFL games.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is one of the older streaming services in the market. It includes the ESPN network and RedZone as well. In its “Access” package. But if you want to add NFL Network as well, you need to up your package to the “Core.”

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu comes with one base package, that costs $44.99 per month. The kit includes 60+ channels that give you access to ESPN networks and Fox Sports Networks. But from this option, you won’t get the NFL network.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been one of the most important choices for all addicted NFL lovers. Sling TV provides the platform which does not force you to mess up your TV with the cable subscription. On the contrary, it gives you the best place to watch the show.

For the ESPN viewer, you could pick Sling Orange service. But if you focus more on Fox and Fox Sports, the Sling Blue is your option. Both Sling Orange and Sling Blue cost $25. You could also get the Sling Orange + Blue which only cost you $40 per month. You can save $10 from this package. That puts the Sling TV in a great option. Sling TV is available in various devices including game consoles, mobile devices, smart TVs, and so on.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an easy way to watch the favorite NFL game pass without cable. The good thing here is that you are eligible to view all of the shows, no matter where you live in the country. But it comes with a catch. You will need to wait until the game is over. That’s a bit tricky part since many people spoil such information like the final score on their social media or other platforms. You will want to avoid spoilers so that you can still get the hype and element of surprises from watching NFL games. It costs $74.99 per year. As the formal user, you will be able to stream any game to your PC, mobile device, or set-top box.

The NFL Game Pass also offers the viewers with the preseason games. You can also get access to the radio broadcasts. Or, if you don’t have much time to follow your favorite team, you could opt to the short versions which clip the entire game into 30 minutes.

CBS All Access

For those who don’t want to break their bank to watch stream NFL games live free online on NFL, CBS All Access can be the best option to pick. The service allows you to access the local CBS station. That means when the game in your market is available; you can watch it.

It only costs $ 6 per month, very cheap compared to another live streaming service. But it comes with the commercial ads. If you want to get rid of the commercials, you could pick the $10 service.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has evolved from year to year. This time, you could use the service to stream live NFL games from your location. The provider acquired the contract for Thursday Night Football. If you have an Amazon Prime Video, you can watch Thursday Night Football without any hassle. But NFL has retained five TNF Games on NFL Network. So, you will be missing five games from Amazon Prime Video. The good thing though, your Amazon Prime Video credentials are enough to get access to the TNF. All the TNF games kick off life at 8:20 p.m. ET.

How to Bypassing Blackout Restrictions & Watch NFL games Online

The NFL Game Pass is only available at specific locations. So if you are living or traveling in different areas, there might be blackouts happening to your part. Some folks think that it is a dead-end. Well, not necessarily.

You can bypass the blackouts with the VPN service. Keep in mind that the VPN method is not only viable for bypassing NFL Game Pass restrictions, but also live streaming services like DirecTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, and so on.

You could use the VPN to bypass the blackouts by connecting to the servers which are acceptable by the live streaming services.

So, the natural step is like this. You will need to connect to a specific server. For instance, if you want to use European NFL Game Pass, you need to connect to the European server. It can be Germany, Poland, or any other country you want.

Another example could be when you want to use the Sling TV service. You’d want to connect to the US server since it is only available in the US. To unblock this, you could use Smart DNS or VPN service.

To make it work, we suggest you use the top rated VPN services. There are many VPN services that you might find on the net. But only a few are offering the best services.

The most popular VPN services are ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, Windscribe, Nord VPN, Cyberghost, and many more. Consider comparing each service first then you could proceed.

Watch NFL Games live free using HD Antenna and DVR Box

The other option to stream NFL games lives free online is by using your HD antenna. If your focus is on the local sports, why not try to set it up by yourself? There are many antenna services that you can get, but the most popular providers are Master and Tablo.

With the HD antenna to the DVR box, you will be able to watch the NFL games live or recorded. If you think that you are going to miss the game, you need to command your DVR box to record the moments for you. You will then be able to watch the recorded videos anytime you want.

The cost can vary depending on the quality of the HD antenna and the service you pick. Butte local channels are free. Unless you are traveling somewhere, the HD antenna can make an excellent choice for you.

How to watch NFL games live free on app


Since last year, the avid fans of football have been able to stream NFL games live free online via NFL app. Using the NFL app is easy. You only need to download the app to your devices; then you will be able to stream many NFL games.

There will be no charge of downloading and installing the app. Just make sure that you have prepared your compatible devices to get access to the service. Not to mention that the service requires a stable, decent connection of internet. You can only stream the games on the phone if you turn off your wifi service. But if you have an unlimited plan, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Yahoo Sports App

Besides NFL app, you could also consider using Yahoo Sports app. Yahoo Sports app is only available on mobile phone and tablet. So, if you are not planning to watch the game through your TV, it is fine to choose this.

It is free to download and use the Yahoo Sports App. But it comes with a catch. The free streaming service is only eligible for in-market games and national prime time games. If your favorite team is playing somewhere else in the country, you need to pay around $300 per season to watch your team regularly. But if your team is playing in the same location market as yours, you don’t need to pay for anything.

The rating of the NFL games has been declining. The apparent reason is that many people start leaving their TV. If you are the cord cutter, you’d like to consider this option.

Yahoo Sports App replaced the old Verizon NFL Mobile App. So, if you are the Verizon user, you might be familiar with the service. Yahoo Sports app is available for iOS and Android. It streams every NFL game that is available in the local TV market. With the Yahoo Sports App, you will be able to stream NFL games live free online while on the go. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, you can’t go wrong with this app. You can also use your NFL Game Pass credentials in Yahoo app.

Stream NFL Games using Cable or Satellite subscriptions

If you have cable or satellite subscriptions, you will have the chance to watch the NFL games for free. Here are the possible options for you.

NFL RedZone

The NFL RedZone is available in the cable TV subscription. The Red Zone presents you the football games the most exciting moments. However, the moments only come from the “red zone” team, or those who have the potential to attain the touchdown. It will also give you the real-time stats and the highlights.

RedZone games play around 1 p.m. ET and the end of the late afternoon games on Sunday. You can also watch the games in your favorite browsers.

NFL Sunday Ticket

For the DirecTV subscribers, you have a great option to enjoy the full NFL games in the NFL Sunday Ticket. The Sunday Ticket works for out-of-the-market games.

Viewers are also eligible to attain the NFL Sunday Ticket as a standalone service. However, it will only be available in the area where DirecTV service does not cover.


Watch ESPN is a great option for the ESPN subscribe. If you have the cable package which includes ESPN in it, then you can stream live the ESPN programming in any device you want. The Watch ESPN is available on a computer, smartphone, set-top box, game console, and other connected devices. You could download the ESPN app, then sign in with your cable TV credentials.

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