How to Watch NFL Network Live Stream Online

NFL Network is one of the top favorites. If you are a big fan of the NFL, then you can’t go wrong with this network. However, you sometimes don’t like to rely on cable or satellite subscriptions because they are too expensive. The best way to work around this is by opting live streaming options.

nfl network live stream

Therefore, we are going to show you how to watch NFL Network through the popular live streaming options such as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, as well as FuboTV. So, without further ado, let’s go straightforward to the list.


FuboTV has been around for a while to provide the sports channels coverage for all the sports fans around the world. Many people have slanted it as the unbeatable sports coverage option. Many people think that it is hard to compete with fuboTV. However, there’s a slit which could dethrone the FuboTV image. There is no ESPN in its package. That could be an issue if you are fond of ESPN channel. If you strive for it, perhaps it is not your best option.

FuboTV subscription costs $54.99 per month and provides you 80+ premium channels. Keep in mind that local market also works in this service. So, you will get the channels depending on your location.

FuboTV also comes with free trial program which you can use to assess the quality of service or watch the NFL without having to pay a single dime. But the free trial only work for the new user. If you have an existing account in the service, you can’t proceed.

It is available in many platforms from the web browser, iOS, Android devices, as well as tablet. It also comes with cloud DVR of 30 hours. It’s indeed a great deal if you are missing some games.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been around for years. It is one of the most renowned live streaming services thanks to its fantastic price and good service. Experts have been slating it as “A La Carte”. It is a great way to watch NFL Network without cable.

Sling TV offers two packages: Sling Orange, and Sling Blue. Each of them costs $25 per month. But if you combine the package it will cost $40 per month. If your focus is on the NFL Network, you can attain it in the Sling Blue. The good thing about the Sling Blue live streaming package is that you could stream the show at 3 devices at the same time. Not to mention that Sling Blue also includes the NFL Network and NFL RedZone. But Sling Blue does not include the ESPN networks.

The supported devices come with tons of available devices. Sling TV can stream on 3 devices at once. The cloud DVR is also available for watching the NFL games that you are missing. The 50 hours of cloud storage is more than enough if you only miss a few games from your favorite teams.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is one of the top live streaming options to tune into NFL Network without cable. Despites its specific name, it does not appoint only PS users to use the live streaming service. Even Though you don’t have PS account or console, you don’t need to worry. PlayStation Vue is available in many devices. Consider taking a look at the official site to find out if your device is compatible with the service. To get the NFL package, you will need to subscribe to Core package.

The Core Package costs $50 per month. It comes with 60+ channels including NFL Network. However, the amount of channels you attain will also depend on your geographic location. You can tune into NFL network through your mobile Android or iOS devices, browser, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, as well as Roku. For those who have PS 3 and PS 4 consoles, you are all set. The DVR service is excellent. You could record the content for up to 28 days, pretty well if you are missing some games. It also comes with on-demand library which you could use to re-watch the aired contents. If you want to refer back to the past seasons of NFL, you can do it too.

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