The Bethpage Black Can be More Challenging than Previous Years

The upcoming PGA Championship will be a lot different than before. If we are familiar with the August month as the usual schedule, this year is happening on may. The 101st edition of the tournament will take place on the Black Course at Bethpage State Park.

The Bethpage Black

It also marks the competition held in the course for the first time. The Bethpage Black is going to play differently in the spring compared to the summer time.

This vast difference also directly impacts on how things are going to work. Folks have agreed that the course might be more complicated than it already is. Kerry Haigh, the PGA of America’s Chief Championships Officer, gave the nod to the difficulty of the course.

He also added that the course would play more difficult in May that it would in August. The reason is simple. We can’t neglect the fact that the grasses can be healthier and better in May month. On May, the greens tend to be actively growing. Initially, the officials picked August because it has perfect heat and humidity. At that time, the grass will struggle. But in May, the grass will develop well.

The other thing to note is that the foot traffic won’t do significantly to the course. The experts also suggest that there would be less wear and tear on the course when the championship should take place in May. Compared to August, the May championship will make more players to struggle. The challenges will be higher than before.

Not to mention that May month is familiar with stronger winds and moderate air temperatures. These could be challenging for all pro players. But we can’t neglect that this weather is a perfect one to walk around. The same thing goes to the caddies, spectators, and the players. So, it shouldn’t be a big deal after all.

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