How to Watch and Live Stream US Open Tennis 2020 Online


If you have been looking for a way to watch US Open Tennis 2020 Live Stream, you have come to the right page. People have been raving about the upcoming event which will happen to New York. One of the reasons is because people have the chance to see Naomi Osaka and Novak Djokovic returns to the field. If you are fans of tennis sport and willing to spend your time to follow the US Open Tennis 2020, you will need to stay tuned in this information.

How to Watch and Live Stream US Open Tennis 2020 Online

When and where is the US Open Tennis 2020?

The upcoming US Open Tennis 2020 will take place from August 24 to September 13 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, NYC, United States.

How to Watch US Open Tennis Live Online?

If you are watching the Watch US Open Tennis 2020 Online, you will need to know the specific option based on the country you are living or traveling in.

Here is the accurate information which we’d like to share with you.

US Open Tennis Live Online on ESPN – Viewers in the US

Viewers in the US can’t go wrong with the ESPN official channel. You will be able to tune into the channel to watch US Open Tennis from your place. ESPN is available in most places in the US. Whether you are dropping by the favorite pubs, your friend’s house, or motel room, chances are you can tune into this channel. But if you already have a service package that includes the ESPN, you are golden. You just need to use your credentials to use the ESPN app so that the event is viewable while on the go.

Amazon Prime Video – Viewers in the UK

For those who are having a holiday trip in the UK, or the residence ones, you could tune into the Amazon Prime Video. Register to the service if you don’t have an account yet.

If you are a new user, you are lucky since Amazon Prime Video offers 30-day free trial for you. You can use this opportunity to watch US Open Live stream free.

Keep in mind, however, that the free trial only works for new users. If you have existing account, the offer won’t be available for you. Amazon Prime Video only costs eight Euros per month and you are already granted with amazing contents including the upcoming US Open Tennis 2020.

US Open Tennis live on TSN and RDS – Viewers in Canada

If you are viewers in Canada, you could tune into either TSN or RDS to follow the US Open Tennis 2020 festivity entirely. TSN is available in cable. But it does not mean that the cord cutters can’t access it.

TSN has launched the live streaming option called TSN Direct. So, if you have cut the cord, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is to subscribe to the TSN Direct so that you can get the access to the ultimate event. The English Channel is TSN. Meanwhile, you can switch to RDS for French Language. Don’t worry; RDS is the part of TSN. So, when you register to TSN Direct Service, you are also eligible to use RDS networks including RDS, RDS2, and RDS INFO.

Fox Sports – Viewers in Australia

The Australian viewers can watch the US Open Tennis 2020 through Fox Sports channel. The officials have confirmed that the respective channel is responsible to handle the entire coverage of the event. It is available on the cable or satellite. So, if you are lucky to have a friend or someone who can lend the credentials to you, you can watch it for free. If you’ve cut the cords, you could try another service called SBS.

You can also subscribe to Foxtel to get the coverage

WOWOW – Viewers in Japan

If you are residing in Japan, you can’t go wrong with WOWOW channel. If for some reason you are traveling to Japan, consider to tune into WOWOW channel. It is the only official channel that you can rely on to watch the US Open Tennis Live 2020.

Way to Watch the US Open Live from anywhere Online?

If you are out of your country, chances are you might experience the blackout. The geo-restriction rule has been the dreadful barriers for the cord cutters and sports fans. If you are planning to go outside the country in the near future, you must know about this risk. But you don’t need to worry. Instead of looking for other services which might waste your money and time, you could use the VPN service to connect to the server which is acceptable for the live streaming provider. If your live streaming provider origin country is the US, for instance, you’d like to connect to the US server through your VPN service. By then, you won’t meet any difficulty regarding the blackout.

US Open Tennis 2020 Free live stream options

If you want to watch US Open Live Stream free, you could consider having ESPN+ as your main option. The ESPN+ allows you to try the service for free for 7 days. The 7-days free trial is available for the new users.

But if you are not up to ESPN+ service, you could use the Amazon Prime Video free trial offer instead. In the Amazon Prime Video free trial, it grants you 30-days opportunity to watch the respective channels without spending a single dime. It can be a better option if you want to use it longer.

How to Watch US Open Tennis without cable?

Are you able to watch US Open Tennis 2020 without cable? The answer is a big YES. Many industries have developed their own live streaming services to provide the sanctuary for cord cutters and sports lovers around the world. If you tend to be watching your favorite events from your favorite screen anywhere you go, then the “Skinny Bundle” live streaming options are probably the best option for you.

Skinny bundle is a collection of TV channels compiled in smaller package than the conventional cable or satellite subscription. That’s why this kind of service tends to be cheaper. The most popular live streaming options that you can check out there are Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, DirecTV, Hulu, etc. Most of them also come with a free trial which you can use to Watch US Open Tennis 2020 Online.


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