What is a Rugby Maul: A Complete Guide

A rugby maul is a play in rugby where a ball carrier is held by one or more opponents and one or more teammates bind onto the ball carrier. Rugby is a high-intensity contact sport that originated in the united kingdom in the 19th century.

One of the fundamental aspects of rugby is the scrum, a way to restart play after certain infringements, but another essential element is the maul. A maul occurs when a ball carrier is held by one or more opponents and one or more teammates bind onto the ball carrier, creating a mass of players that moves towards the opponent’s goal line.

A maul can be an effective way of gaining ground, but it requires good teamwork and coordination from the team that initiates it. In this article, we will explore the rules and intricacies of a rugby maul.

The Basics Of Rugby Maul

A rugby maul occurs when a player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents. Two or more team members from both sides must then bind onto the ball carrier, forming a single group. The other players involved can then attempt to gain possession of the ball by pushing and driving the group backwards.

This action is legal and is a vital part of the game. The evolution of the rugby maul has led to it becoming an integral aspect of rugby union, providing numerous opportunities for both attacking and defensive play. A maul can be distinguished from a scrum by the movement of the ball and the players involved.

While a scrum is primarily contested by the forwards, a maul can involve any player on the field.

How To Form A Rugby Maul

Rugby is a contact sport that involves a lot of physicality and teamwork. A rugby maul is a play that involves a minimum of three players from each team. Preparing for a maul involves positioning players in a specific formation of three or more.

This includes both attacking and defending players. The goal of initiating a maul is for the attacking team to gain more ground by pushing back the defending team. To set up a maul, the ball carrier will either call for a maul or direct the players around them to start one.

Once a maul is formed, players cannot drop to the ground or go off their feet. The ball must remain in the possession of the attacking team and move forward to maintain the maul. Understanding and executing a rugby maul requires practice, communication, and coordination between players.

Rules And Regulations Of Rugby Maul

A rugby maul is a common move in rugby where a player holds onto the ball and is then tackled by at least one opposing player. Once the tackle happens, both teams can push against each other in an attempt to gain ground towards the try line.

The rules and regulations of rugby maul include legal and illegal techniques. Referees ensure that the legalities are maintained. Penalties are associated with illegal mauling techniques such as collapsing the maul or using hands to interfere with the ball. Rugby mauls require teamwork and strategy and often determine the outcome of a game.

By understanding the legal techniques and penalties associated with mauling, players can make the most of this aspect of the game.

Skill-Sets Required For A Rugby Maul

A rugby maul is a tightly contested forward battle for possession of the ball. Skill-sets required for a rugby maul include strength, power, and coordination. Key players in the maul are the ball carrier, support players, and the holder of the ball.

Defending a maul involves going low, staying bound, and driving the opposition backwards. Attacking a maul involves keeping the ball close, driving forward, and staying patient. A successful rugby maul requires teamwork, communication, and quick decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is A Rugby Maul?

A rugby maul occurs when a ball carrier is held upright by one or more opponents.

How Is A Maul Different From A Scrum?

In a scrum, both teams use their eight forwards to push against each other. In a maul, they are usually on their feet.

When Is A Rugby Maul Formed?

A maul is formed when a player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball carrier’s teammates bind onto them.

How Is A Rugby Maul Ended?

A maul can be ended by several means, including the ball carrier going to ground, the ball leaving the maul, or the referee calling a maul collapse.

What Are The Rules Of A Rugby Maul?

Players must stay on their feet, and the ball should be kept in the maul. The team with possession can only move the ball backward.


The rugby maul is a crucial aspect of the sport and understanding how it works is vital for players who want to excel in this unique and challenging game. It is a powerful and dynamic element that requires coordination, strength, and teamwork to pull off successfully.

The maul is often considered the heart and soul of rugby, and it symbolizes the intensity and passion of the sport. Through this post, we hope you have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the rugby maul and its key components.

We have explored the definition, rules and regulations, and techniques to implement during a maul. As a result, we hope that this guide will provide you with the knowledge and enthusiasm to appreciate the maul’s significance and help you take your gameplay to the next level.

So, keep learning and practicing, and make the most of this exciting and challenging sport!

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