When Do Playoffs Start NFL: Ultimate Schedule & Dates

The NFL playoffs typically start in early January, with the exact date varying each year. This year, the playoffs are set to begin on January 13-15th 2024, with the wild card round.

The NFL postseason is a single-elimination format consisting of seven rounds, culminating in the super bowl. The top seven teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs, with the top seed getting a first-round bye. The playoffs are an exciting and intense time for football fans, with every game carrying high stakes.

As teams battle it out on the field, fans eagerly anticipate the ultimate goal of winning the super bowl. With each game bringing new surprises and upsets, the NFL playoffs are a can’t-miss event for football enthusiasts.


What Month Do NFL Playoffs Start?

The nfl playoffs generally start in january, after the end of the regular season. The exact date and schedule may vary from year to year.

How Many Teams Make The Playoffs In The NFL?

There are a total of 14 teams that make it to the NFL playoffs each year, 7 from each conference (AFC and NFC). The teams are chosen through a combination of division winners and wild card spots.

What is The Format of The NFL Playoffs?

The NFL playoffs feature a single-elimination tournament format. The teams with the best records in each conference receive byes in the first round, while the remaining teams compete in wild card games. The winners of each game move on to the divisional round, followed by the conference championship and finally the super bowl.


The nfl playoffs are an exciting time for fans and players alike, as the best of the best compete to become champions. As we eagerly await the start of the playoffs, it’s important to keep in mind the hard work, dedication, and determination that got these teams here in the first place.

From training camps to grueling regular season games, every player has put in their all to make it to this point. As the playoffs begin, it’s anyone’s game, and we can expect to see some truly amazing performances on the field.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the nfl playoffs are an event not to be missed. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to witness some of the most thrilling football of the season. It’s going to be one wild ride!

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