How to Watch European Games 2019 Live Stream Online

The European Games 2019 is going to happen on June 21, 2019. There will be 199 games in the 15 sports that you can enjoy. The four thousand athletes will participate in the event. The opening ceremony will happen at Dinamo Stadium on June 21, and the closing will be going to take place on June 30.

european games 2019 live stream

The 2019 European Games is going to be the second edition since it was the first time that happened in 2015. Back then, there are many countries who shown the interest to host the European Games 2019. But the European Games 2019 will finally happen in Minsk. Those who are living or traveling to the country when the event happens will be in big luck. However, some folks might prefer to stay at home or watch outside Belarus. If you have been looking for the best way to watch European Games 2019 Live Stream, you have come at the right page.

You will find the best way to live stream the European Games 2019 without any hassle.

DatesFri, Jun 21, 2019 – Mon, Jul 1, 2019
LocationDinamo Stadium, Minsk, Belarus
TV ChannelsISB/Sports1/BT Sport/Olympic Channel
Live StreamOlympic Channel

ISB has won the bidding as the broadcasting right holder. It has finalized the broadcasting rights to over a hundred countries. So, you just need to tune in the official channel of the country to watch European Games 2019 Live Stream Directly.

But when it comes to living to stream online, the method is different. Live streaming services allow you to watch the 2019 European Games through your browser from PC or laptop, or through its mobile apps while on the go.

Live streaming through Olympic Channel

The International live streaming service is the Olympic Channel. Olympic Channel is accessible through its official website You just need to open your favorite browser to get access to the service and watch European Games 2019 Live Streaming matches without any hassle from there. Make sure you have updated your browser so that you can use the service.

If you are on the go, you can download and install the Olympic Channel app to your mobile devices or connected TV devices. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, using the Olympic Channel app will be the best option to pick.

In some countries, you might experience a blackout because the Olympic Channel only reaches to certain countries. And if your country is not within the coverage area, you can’t access it. To bypass the restriction, consider installing a good VPN service in your device. There are many VPN services out there but you need to be careful when selecting the service for you. Focus only on the top rated VPN services. Open your VPN and connect to the acceptable server. We are going to use US server because it is prevalent for Olympic Channel. Not to mention there are a lot of VPN services which provide numerous US servers for their clients.

So, you just need to set up a VPN account. Sign yourself up and choose its specific package.

Then install the VPN software to any device you will be using to watch European Games 2019 Live Streaming. Connect to the specific VPN server which is acceptable by the live streaming providers. For instance, connect to US server to watch the 2019 European Games through the Olympic Channel. Or, you could connect to the UK to open access to BT Sport, and so on.

Watch 2019 European Games on BT Sport live streaming

For UK viewers, you can’t go wrong with the BT Sport live streaming service. It is different from Olympic Channel since you need to pay to get the subscription. This live streaming service is available in the UK and Ireland only. So, if you are outside the country, you will need to use your VPN to connect to the UK or Ireland server.

Keep in mind that using BT Sport live streaming service is only viable through your favorite browser if you are outside the UK or Ireland. The things with iOS and Android is that the BT Sport App requires the GPS location services of the device. So, your VPN won’t work. Instead, you could use your laptop or PC to use BT Sport live streaming service through its official site.

After opening your browser, you will just need to search the live stream and watch the games.

Watch 2019 European Games via Sport1 for free

If you are looking for a free way to live stream besides Olympic Channel, you could tune in Sport1. This service allows you to watch European Games 2019 Live Stream free. The only catch here is that the coverage is in the German language. For those who prefer English commentary, you will need to upgrade your account to a premium subscription. The service is only available in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Bypassing the geo-restriction will be viable when you connect your VPN to Germany, Switzerland, or Austria servers.

Sport1 live streaming service is also available on its official Sport1 website.

The next thing to do is just searching for the live stream, and you are good to go.

How to live stream 2019 European Games without cable

The Olympic channel is the official broadcaster in the country. For folks who have the cable or satellite subscription, it won’t be a problem to tune in the channel. For the cord cutters, you will want to be more creative than that.

Cord cutters can rely on popular live streaming services. We have done our research and there are six live streaming services that you can pick one of them to get you the access to Olympic Channel: FuboTV, Sling TV, PS Vue, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now.

The good thing here is that you can use those services to watch European Games 2019 Live Streaming for free. “But they are paid services, right?”

Yes, it is true. But when you sign up as a new user, you will have the eligibility to use the free trial service for a certain period of time. Consider looking at their official sites to know furthermore about their offers. The catch that you must consider is the geo-restriction policy of each service. If you are an outside area of coverage, you could use your VPN service to bypass the restriction.

Reserve your option to watch it live stream now. Have a good day!

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