How Many Games are in a CFL Season?

A CFL season consists of 18 games, making it a long and competitive season for teams. The Canadian football league, also known as the CFL, is a professional football league in Canada.

Each CFL season is comprised of 18 games, which are distributed among the league’s nine teams. With a balanced schedule, teams compete against each other multiple times throughout the season. This format allows for intense rivalries and strategic matchups as teams vie for playoff positions.

The CFL season spans several months, typically beginning in June and culminating in the Grey Cup, the league’s championship game in November. With its exciting brand of football and passionate fan base, the CFL provides ample entertainment for football enthusiasts throughout the year.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) Season: A Brief Overview

The Canadian football league (CFL) has a rich history that dates back to 1958. It is known for its exciting and fast-paced gameplay. The CFL season typically consists of 18 regular-season games per team, with a total of nine teams competing.

Each team plays a home-and-away series against the other teams in the league, resulting in a total of 81 regular-season games. The season usually kicks off in June and concludes in November, culminating in the thrilling grey cup championship game.

This structure allows for ample opportunities for rivalries to develop and intense competition to take place. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the CFL, the thrilling action of the league’s season is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Understanding The Duration Of The CFL Season

The CFL season consists of a regular season, playoffs, and the highly anticipated grey cup. Starting with the regular season, teams compete in a total of 18 games. This provides ample opportunities for fans to witness thrilling matchups and cheer on their favorite teams.

Moving on to the playoffs, the top teams from each division battle it out for a chance to compete in the grey cup. The playoffs add an extra level of excitement and intensity to the season, with teams pushing themselves to secure a coveted spot in the championship game.

As for breaks and gaps in the schedule, the CFL season typically runs from June to November, allowing for short breaks between games. Overall, the CFL season offers fans a thrilling experience, packed with competitive action and memorable moments.

CFL Season: How Many Games Are Played?

The regular CFL season consists of a total of 18 games, with each team playing nine home and nine away games. However, there have been variations in the number of games played in the past. In some seasons, due to special circumstances or scheduling conflicts, teams have played fewer than 18 games.

Conversely, there have also been seasons where teams played more than 18 games. These variations are typically decided by the league and are aimed at ensuring a fair and balanced schedule for all teams. So, while 18 games is the standard number for a CFL regular season, it’s important to note that there can be some flexibility in the schedule to accommodate unforeseen events or special circumstances.

The Importance Of The CFL Schedule

The CFL season comprises a total of 18 regular-season games, providing fans with ample football entertainment. The CFL schedule holds great importance as it determines the overall structure and timing of the season. Several factors influence the creation of the CFL schedule, such as stadium availability, team preferences, broadcast requirements, and travel considerations.

Creating a balanced and fair schedule poses various challenges to league officials. They strive to ensure that each team has an equal number of home and away games while minimizing travel distances between consecutive games. Furthermore, they aim to avoid extensive travel for teams, especially when crossing time zones.

These considerations ensure a more level playing field for all teams and enhance the overall fan experience. The CFL schedule shapes the season, allowing fans to plan their support for their favorite teams and players.

Factors Affecting The Number Of CFL Games Per Season

Expansion and contraction of the CFL, weather and geographical considerations, and tv broadcasting and revenue generation all play a role in determining the number of games in a CFL season. These factors impact the league’s ability to schedule games and ensure a balanced season.

The CFL has seen periods of expansion, leading to an increase in the number of teams and consequently more games. Similarly, contractions have resulted in fewer teams and a reduction in games. Additionally, weather conditions and geographical factors influence the feasibility of scheduling games in certain locations and during specific times of the year.

Tv broadcasting and revenue generation play a crucial role in determining the number of games, as the league needs to strike a balance between providing enough content for broadcasters while maximizing revenue opportunities. Overall, these factors interact to determine the number of games in a CFL season.

How Does The CFL Season Compare To Other Football Leagues?

The CFL season consists of 18 games, which is fewer than the NFL’s 17 regular-season games. In comparison to NCAA football, the CFL season offers more action-packed games. The NFL’s shorter season allows for a more intense and competitive schedule.

However, the CFL’s longer season provides fans with additional opportunities to watch their favorite teams in action. Unlike the NCAA football season, which spans several months, the CFL season lasts from June to November. This condensed schedule minimizes downtime and keeps football enthusiasts engaged throughout the season.

Whether you prefer the intensity of the NFL or the extended excitement of the CFL, both leagues offer thrilling football experiences for fans to enjoy.

The Impact Of The CFL Season Length On Players And Teams

The length of the CFL season impacts players and teams in various ways. Player workload and injury concerns are significant factors to consider. A longer season means players are exposed to more intense physical demands, increasing the risk of injuries.

Additionally, the extended duration can affect player development and performance as fatigue and weariness set in. Teams must strategize and manage their rosters carefully to ensure players are adequately rested and rotated. Maintaining team efficiency and player health becomes a delicate balancing act.

The season length influences team strategies, such as managing resources, providing ample rest, and maximizing player availability throughout the season. Teams need to carefully plan their training regimens and make prudent decisions regarding player involvement to optimize performance. The cfl season length has a direct impact on both players’ well-being and the overall success of the teams.

Evolution Of The CFL Season: Past, Present, And Future

The CFL season has undergone significant changes throughout its history, both past and present. The number of games in a CFL season has evolved over time. Recent modifications to the season length have raised several implications and sparked speculations on future developments.

From its early years, where seasons consisted of fewer games, to the present-day standard of 18 regular-season games, the league has adapted to meet the demands of fans and players alike. These changes reflect the continuous growth and expansion of the CFL, modernizing the game while keeping it exciting and competitive.

As the league looks towards the future, there may be further adjustments to the season structure, driven by factors such as fan engagement, player safety, and financial considerations. The cfl’s evolution will continue to shape its seasons and the overall experience for fans and participants.


How Many Games Are In A CFL Season?

In a CFL season, each team plays 18 regular season games, with equal home and away games.

How Long Is The CFL Regular Season?

The CFL regular season lasts for 21 weeks, with each team playing one game per week.

How Many Teams Are In The CFL?

The CFL currently has nine teams: Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Elks, BC Lions, saskatchewan roughriders, Winnipeg blue bombers, Hamilton tiger-cats, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Redblacks, and Montreal Alouettes.

How Does The CFL Playoff Format Work?

The CFL playoffs consist of six teams. The top two teams from each division (west and east) qualify, along with the next two teams with the best records. The playoffs culminate in the grey cup, the championship game of the CFL.

When Does The CFL Season Start And End?

The CFL season typically starts in June and ends in November, with the grey cup being held in late November or early December.

How Many Times Has The CFL Season Been Canceled?

The CFL season has been canceled twice in its history. The first time was in 1919 due to the Spanish flu pandemic, and the second time was in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.


To summarize, understanding how many games are in a CFL season is crucial for football enthusiasts. With a total of 18 regular season games, each team in the Canadian football league has the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for a spot in the playoffs.

The length of the CFL season allows fans to enjoy an ample amount of thrilling matchups and follow their favorite teams through the ups and downs of the competitive season. Not only does this provide entertainment for fans, but it also offers valuable experience for players and coaches to constantly improve and strategize.

Whether you’re a die-hard CFL fan or a newcomer to the sport, knowing the number of games in a CFL season will enhance your understanding and appreciation of this unique and exciting league. So, gear up and get ready for an action-packed CFL season, as teams battle it out for the ultimate prize – the cherished grey cup.

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