How Many Games are There in a CFL Season?

A CFL season consists of 18 games, with each team playing 9 home games and 9 away games. The Canadian football league, also known as the CFL, features a total of 9 teams competing in the regular season.

Each team plays a home and away game against every other team in the league, resulting in a total of 18 games throughout the season. This format allows for an equal and fair distribution of matches among the teams, providing an exciting and competitive season for CFL fans.

The CFL season typically begins in June and concludes with the grey cup championship game in November.

Understanding The Cfl Season Structure

The CFL season consists of regular season games and playoffs, divided into different divisions. The regular season is important as it helps determine which teams qualify for the playoffs. Each team plays a total of 18 games, nine at home and nine away.

The regular season spans from June to November, providing several months of exciting football action. The playoffs are a knockout stage where divisional champions compete against each other to earn a spot in the grey cup, the championship game of the CFL.

Understanding the CFL season structure is essential for fans and players alike to follow their favorite teams on their journey toward the grey cup.

Regular Season Format And Duration

The regular CFL season typically consists of 18 games, with each team playing 9 games at home and 9 on the road. The duration of the regular season spans over a period of 21 weeks. Teams play one game per week, usually on weekends, with occasional exceptions for special events.

The bye weeks are spread out throughout the season, allowing teams a break for rest and recovery. These breaks also provide an opportunity for coaches and players to evaluate their performance and strategize for the upcoming games. In addition to the bye weeks, there may be in-season breaks for events like the grey cup or international competitions.

The cfl regular season format ensures that teams have ample opportunities to compete and showcase their skills, providing an exciting and action-packed experience for both fans and players.


How Many Games Are There In A CFL Season?

There are a total of 18 regular season games in a CFL season. Each team plays 9 home games and 9 away games.

When Does The CFL Season Start And End?

The CFL season usually starts in June and ends in November. It spans over 5 months, including playoffs and the grey cup championship game.

How Many Teams Are In The Cfl?

Currently, there are 9 teams in the CFL. The teams are based in different cities across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

How Are The CFL Playoffs Structured?

The CFL playoffs consist of two semi-final games, followed by the divisional finals, and finally the grey cup championship game. The top 6 teams based on regular season performance qualify for the playoffs.

How Many Games Do CFL Teams Play At Home?

Cfl teams play a total of 9 home games during the regular season. This allows fans to enjoy their favorite teams’ matches at their home stadiums.

How Can I Watch CFL Games?

Cfl games can be watched on various platforms such as TSN (the sports network), TSN direct, or via your cable or satellite provider. Some games may also be available for streaming online. Check with your local broadcasters for more information.


To summarize, the CFL season offers fans an exciting and action-packed lineup of games. With a total of 18 regular-season games per team, CFL enthusiasts can enjoy a lengthy and thrilling experience. Each game brings its own set of highs and lows, ensuring that fans are consistently engaged and entertained.

The intensity and passion displayed by players on the field make CFL events truly memorable for both athletes and spectators alike. In addition to the regular-season games, the CFL playoffs add another layer of excitement. As the top teams battle it out for a chance at the championship title, the stakes are higher than ever.

The playoffs feature a single-elimination format, adding an element of sudden death drama to the mix. Overall, the cfl season offers sports enthusiasts a satisfying dose of gridiron action. From the regular season to the thrilling playoffs, fans have plenty of opportunities to cheer on their favorite teams and witness incredible moments.

So, gear up, grab your tickets, and get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying world of the cfl season!

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