How to Live Stream Rugby World Cup 2019 Online in Canada & TV info

rwc 2019 live stream in canada

For many rugby fans around the world, attending the venue of upcoming RWC 2019 is out of their reach. For many reasons, you might not be able to travel in Japan because you have a business in Canada and you can’t leave it behind. Well, you are not alone. In fact, many people are looking for the best way to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 through their screen. And if you have yet to reserve your own option, you will want to read this until finish. you must read this guide if you are:

  • Living in Canada
  • Travelling in Canada
  • Canada viewers who go overseas
  • Canada Expats
  • Expats who live in Canada
  • Whoever who want to watch the Canada team competing in the RWC 2019.

If you are one of them, consider reading this humble guide from start to finish.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live with TSN Channel

For the Rugby World Championship 2019, we haven’t seen any announced channel to do the broadcast in the wiki page. However, just like previous edition of RWC, the channel which will likely get the coverage helmet is the TSN.

canada rugby live

For those who already subscribe to a cable or satellite subscription, all you need to do is just tuning into TSN channel and watch RWC 2019 matches right through your favorite screen. However, you can also watch it live stream using the TSN Go App.

Watch RWC 2019 live on Mobile via TSN Go App

Install the TSN Go app on your mobile device then start it. The next thing to do is browsing the content that the TSN offers for you. In this case, you will want to pick the RWC 2019. you could just choose what you want to watch.

The app will then prompt you to sign in. Select the TV service provider you are subscribing. Use your credentials as username and password. That’s it! Then you could just start the program and start watching.

Accessing TSN GO is also straightforward and easy. As long as you already have the credentials, you are good to go. You can also access the content through the official site of TSN. Consider to go to and follow the simple guide to authenticate using your TV cable credentials.

If you don’t have the login information, things can be difficult for you when you want to watch live sports whenever, wherever you want.

If you are using your laptop or PC to watch Rugby World Cup 2019 in Canada, there is no better site to visit than So, just hover your mouse to the site. Then in the Homepage, find the “Live” tab. Then you could just click the Play Arrow Button on the video screen.

But if you don’t have cable or satellite subscription, you must not worry. Since last month, in June 2019, the TSN representatives announced the new type of subscription. It is a monthly subscription via the internet called TSN Direct.

Watch Rugby World Cup Via TSN Direct (Without Cable Subscription)

TSN Direct is a live streaming service officially issued by the TSN. The Sports Network or TSN offers this service to answer the demands from the cord cutters who want to watch their favorite sports event without cable. TSN Direct allows you to watch Rugby World Cup 2019 without cable, but with the internet connection. So, it is important to prepare the decent internet connection along with its compatible device.

So, how much you need to pay for this service? Rest assured that you won’t break the bank to attain such ample quality of service. The TSN Direct comes with monthly subscription without commitment. TSN Direct costs only $24.99 per month and it does come without an annual contract. It is possible to use the service without long-term commitment and you can decide it later.

Supported Devices

With this service, you can watch RWC 2019 right through your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The TSN platform is also available on Apple TV, Xbox ONE, and Samsung Smart TV. If you have either of them, it will be easy and straightforward to proceed. The TSN Direct does not broadcast all the sports events but RWC 2019 will be theirs.

Besides TSN, you could also choose RDS if you want to watch the RWC 2019 in French. the French version also has the same price and feature. Both options are available for Canadian viewers. Besides that, you can also use DAZN which offers the channel to watch Rugby World Cup 2019 as well. You could use the VPN service if you are outside Canada when the event happens.

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