How to Watch FINA World Championship 2019 Live Stream Online

If you are looking for ways to watch FINA World Aquatics Championship Live, you have come to the right page. The FINA World Aquatics Championship is one of the most awaited spectacles for all the sports fans. For cord cutters and mobile people, watching FINA World Aquatics Championship Live through your favorite devices is something that you want for the upcoming FINA World Aquatics Championship Live Streaming.

FINA World Championship 2019 Live Stream

The FINA World Championship 2019 is just around the corner. So, it is fair to look for the FINA World Championship 2019 live streaming free option right now.

Dates12–28 July, 2019
LocationGwangju, South Korea
Countries Participating 194
Athletes Participating2,623
TV ChannelsUniversal Sports/Eurosport/BBC 2/Channel 7
Live StreamWatch Here

Watch World Aquatics Championship 2019 Live Stream With FINA TV

You could use your browser to watch FINA World Aquatics Championship Live. Consider visiting the official site of FINA TV in schedule.

To attain the access to FINA TV to watch FINA World Championships 2019 live stream, you will need to subscribe to FINA World Championships Pass. The Annual Pass costs only €39.99.

The Annual pass grants you access to watch all FINA events for the entire year starting the day of your subscription. Imagine how much money you can save per year. However, FINA is available in several countries only. If you are not living in the service area, you might experience blackouts. You could see the details of the country restrictions at the official page of FINA.

Subscribing to FINATV is the only official way to watch FINA World Championships 2019 live stream. The good thing about subscribing to FINATV is that you can stream the full duration of FINA World Championships without any hassle.

You can also stream other events like Swimming World Cup, Junior Swimming Championships, Artistic Swimming World Series, Diving Grand Prix, and World Series, and other competitions when available.

Watch the FINA World Championship 2019 live or on-demand

Through FINATV, you will be able to watch the event live or on-demand, you choose. There is no commercials, ads, or whatsoever. You will see the full coverage of the event from beginning to end without even a glitch. Users can also browse the archive contents. The good thing here is that you can watch the last 3 FINA World Championships as well.

What devices you can use to watch FINA World Championship 2019 online?

You can watch FINA World Aquatics Championship Live Streaming online from anywhere.

Follow your favorite teams and athletes wherever you are. When you are on the go, you could just install the app to your smartphone or tablet and then access FINATV from wherever you are. Watch everywhere you will make it. There are live events, full replays, clips, updates, news, archive content, and many more!

You can stream on your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. You choose. Through PC, you will use your browser to access the official site of FINA TV. Make sure you update your browser to the latest version so that you can watch FINA World Aquatics Championship Live Streaming without any problem.

Your experience will be fruitful with the help of FINA TV. FINATV mobile is available for your smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet. Meanwhile, is available for your PC or Mac.


FINATV is a live streaming service that gives the users access to live aquatic competitions including Swimming, Diving, Open Water, High Diving, Water Polo, and Artistic Swimming.

FINATV showcases every single event of FINA World Championships, Swimming World Cup, World Swimming Championship, and many more.

The FINATV Availability

FINATV is cross-platform live streaming services which are available worldwide. But it comes with the exceptions. In some countries, the official of FINATV does not have the right to show some competitions. You will want to find out whether your country is viable or not through the explanation in its official site.

For instance, the users in China are not able to access the site or download the app. That means you will need to use good VPN service to unblock the restriction if you are traveling or living in China. For folks in China, you could subscribe to FINATV by using the other server connection with the help of your VPN service.

Meanwhile, the users in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Brazil might have some restrictions on watching several events. You can also see the full details on the official site of FINA TV.

It is easy to see the live content which is available on FINA TV in your location. You will want to check on the live schedule list in the official site of FINA TV. Keep in mind that there might be differences in the starting times shown for each time zone. Some time zones might start the event earlier or later than the other time zones. It is important to cross-check this kind of information so that you will not miss the FINA World Championship from your place.

The details of FINATV Cost

Amongst those many questions, one of the most significant ones is the FINATV cost. As mentioned, the live streaming provider offers a fantastic way to watch the favorite water sports vents on living and on-demand. Besides the most prestigious events, it is the only official way to watch FINA World Aquatics Championship Live Streaming. Here are the details.

The Annual pass costs you 39,99 EURO. You could subscribe to annual pass if you are planning to access FINATV for a year.

Meanwhile, the Monthly pass costs you just 6,99 EURO. It is prevalent for those who are planning to use the FINA TV live streaming option for a month.

Can I Login to FINATV app without an account?

For those who are not up to subscribing to FINATV, there is a way. There will be in-app purchase functionality. However, we don’t know for sure when the officials will launch this update. Until then, the users must register for an account at to create the user. After registering, you could use your login credentials to access all the contents provided by FINATV live streaming service.

The good thing about the subscription in FINATV is that you are not bound to the contract or anything tight. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Therefore, you can cancel your subscription or auto-renewal billing anytime before the official service auto-renews it for you. You can conduct it by visiting your FINATV Account Page and login with your credentials.then you could click Cancel AutoRenew under the Subscription section. That’s it. And you are good to go.

The Wide array of platforms

There are many good reasons why you could stick to FINATV rather than other live streaming services to watch FINA World Championship 2019.

Obviously, the first and foremost reason to use this service is that it is an official live streaming provider. That means it is a safe, prevalent, and top-rated choice. You might see other live streaming platforms which offer the coverage in such insanely cheap price or for free. You cannot trust them because their services might come with maleficent malware or spyware.

Speaking of the compatibility of the service, it is available on many platforms. FINATV is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, as well as Chromecast. You can also watch the FINA World Championship 2019 through your PC or MAC with your favorite browser. By using your browser, you could watch world aquatics championships live stream free via finite. live official website.

If you have a TV-connected device, you will also be able to use FINATV on them. You can use your Airplay or chromecast to stream World Championship 2019 to your TV. Just make sure that your TV is viable to use with the Airplay or chromecast. If you prefer to play the content in the Chromecast built-in devices, you could also proceed with the things.

To stream to your TV with Airplay supported device, you just need to turn on your iOS device. Then you could swipe up from the bottom of your device screen to open the device’s control center. Tap the AirPlay button and choose the device name where you want to stream the video.

Casting to your TV using Chromecast device or chromecast built-in supported device is also easy and straightforward. In your Android device, you could tap the Cast button on the top right corner of the app. Then you will need to choose the name of the device where you want to stream FINA World Championship 2019. Then continue to tap on the video you’d like to watch to cast it via Chromecast device or Chromecast built-in supported devices.

Also, did we mention that you can use your FINATV subscription to stream at 2 devices at the same time? That means you could watch FINA World Championship 2019 while your significant one can tune into other events in FINA TV.

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