How to Watch NFL Live Stream on Mobile Devices or Tablet

For many people, keep being posted is what they need to have when they are following some teams in the NFL. If you are an avid NFL fan, you can say the same thing. Whether you are on the go, across the country, or outside your home, you can still follow the NFL games through your mobile device or tablet. Smartphone and tablets, as long as they are compatible with the live streaming services, allow you to watch your favorite NFL teams without any hassle. You can catch the actions no matter where you are.

watch nfl on mobile devices

It is important to understand that the NFL football games live on mobile could be limited depending on your current location. Most issues could relate to the costs, location, coverage options, etc.

But if you have cut your cord, your problem seems to go away. For those who already subscribe to cable or satellite, you will be able to watch the NFL games by using your credentials.

DirecTV and Sunday Ticket

There are various ways to watch football on your mobile device or tablet this year. For instance, if you have DirecTV and Sunday Ticket, you are all set and good to go.

DirecTV offers three different packages which include the Sunday Ticket. It costs $99 for college students. It costs more for watching the games through your Smartphone. It can cost $249 per year. But with such access, you will be able to watch NFL games through your favorite devices from smart phones, tablets, computers, and so on. You can just download the app, sign up, pick your channel, and watch. That’s it.

The Sunday Ticket is the best way to enjoy the NFL games right at your home. It is also a hefty option so you will want to consider it for a while.

NFL Mobile app

The NFL Mobile app can also come as the top option.

It is a prevalent option for Verizon Wireless users. For a few bucks per month, you could watch Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games through your Smartphone or tablet. The NFL Mobile app basically covers everything of the live games. With just a few dollars per month, you will be able to follow your favorite teams without any problem.

The NFL Mobile has the highlights, team tracking, analysis, alerts, and many more. It is an app which will keep you preoccupied and killing the boredom. The app is a great option for those who are not subscribing to Verizon.

NFL Streaming on Twitter

Twitter can also be a great option to watch NFL games through your Smartphone or tablet. But it is important to know that it will focus on Thursday Night Football.

NBC Sports Live Extra app

The other option is NBC Sports Live Extra. The NBC Sports Live Extra app streams all the Sunday Night Football games on your iOS, Android, as well as a PC or laptop. So, wherever you are, you could use the NBC Sports Live Extra through your mobile device while on the go.

The NBC Sports Live Extra is available through many different live streaming services. The best live streaming service you could subscribe to attain NBC Sports Live Extra is Sling TV. Sling TV is the product of Dish Network. It has been receiving tons of positive feedback thanks to its fantastic live streaming service. With only $25 per month, you can add this to your wish list.

Sling TV has the “Sports Extra Pack” which grants you NFL Network and NFL RedZone. That gives you abundant amount of football games coverage’s for only $5 more a month as the add-on.

It is an excellent option for the football fans who don’t want to get stuck with the expensive cable or satellite service.

This option can encourage you to replace your current cable TV service and stick to the friendly live streaming service. It is now providing the best features for users because it allows you to stream on multiple devices at once. That means you don’t need to dispute over the channel to tune in with your other half or your parents. By using the Sling TV service, you will be able to watch the NFL games without any problem.

Fox Sports Go comes as the top option if you are subscribing to your local service. Cable subscription credentials are the term to use the service. However, Fox Go is not supportive on Smartphone.

So, what do you do then? The answer is simple. You can watch Fox Sports without cable by the help of the live streaming services like Sling TV.

NFL Game Pass

The other option to consider is NFL Game Pass. It is an official provider you could consider if you are focusing on watching on mobile devices or tablet. You can live stream the game all season by paying $99.99 per year. It is a pretty good deal since it only costs ten bucks per month. However, you will need to comprehend that you might not be able to watch the local teams in your area if you are outside the city.

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